Michigan College Connect Camps

Our camps are designed to give players the maximum exposure needed to advance to collegiate level softball.


Athletes from around Michigan and the entire region (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois & Ontario) want to play college athletics.  At Michigan College Connect, we believe that if you want to play, there is a college who needs your talent.  The question is, how do they find out about you?


Michigan College Connect offers softball camps that can get your talent noticed.  At these camps, the Michigan College Connect staff will:


  • Evaluate and measure your physical skills and abilities.
  • Provide you with a written list of what you need to work on to take your game to the next level.
  • Send camp results and accompanying video links to you.
  • Video-record every player in their skilled position. The edited performance footage will be hosted in the players online profile page in our video library.
  • Post your athletic profile and stats in the Michigan College Connect website database.
  • Send camp results and accompanying video links to college coaches throughout the region.


College and Junior College coaches are given a Free Membership so they can access all of your stats and information on how to contact you.


Our mission is to help high school and junior college athletes achieve their dream of playing at the next level.


What is a Camp

At Michigan College Connect, we’ve formulated different camp settings to fit different players and to produce optimum results. At all of our camps you can expect to go through athletic testing and be video recorded in your skilled position.
College Coaches Camp – Michigan College Connect invites and pays college coaches to work our camps.  They’re guaranteed to be there.   Check out each camp to see which coaches are coming.  If there’s not a coach listed from the school you’re interested, we’ll do our best to get them there. Let us know what school you’re interested in.


College Connect Camp – At this event you’ll most likely not see any college coaches.  The primary purpose for this camp is to produce a high quality video footage of your skills and collect valuable data that will be used to promote you as a player and help you advance to the next level.


Hitting Camps, Fielding Camps, Evaluation Camps – Michigan College Connect will be producing several other types of camps which have a specific purpose and will most likely include video and athletic testing.  Watch our website or get on our mailing list to stay informed.


Camp Packages Include:

Attendee – $100 – Interested in being seen by local college coaches? Sign up for our attendee package to showcase you ability at one of our upcoming events.


Prospect – $175 – Attend one of our upcoming camps and have your measures displayed on your own individual player profile page.


Recruit – $300 – Attend a camp, player profile creation, and have a video recruiting video made for your profile.


Register For a Camp

Check out our calendar below.  Find a camp that works into your schedule.  Come join us for one of our events.  It’s that easy. Remember, our camps provide additional value by taking various athletic measurements on you to determine your strengths and areas to improve.  We will also do a high quality video and provide you a link to send to college programs of your choice.


Camp Calendar

December 10, 2016 – 4pm – Michigan Red Sox Training Center

September 11, 2016 – 2pm – 6pm, Lansing, MI