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This page contains important information for anyone wishing to attend college and possibly play softball.  Review the entire page and discuss the information with you parents, coaches or advisors.


What College Coaches Want to See   Learn from the experts! Here’s what College Coaches are looking for: Click here.


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Softball Scholarship Information

Often athletes have their heart set on getting a “full ride” to college.  The reality of the situation in today’s economic and educational environment, “full ride” or scholarships that cover all expenses are NOT the norm.  Not everyone on a team is on scholarship. Some students play the game just for association, the fun, and to say they played ball in college.

Division How Many Schools Scholarship Count Scholarship Details
NCAA  D-I 339 schools 11.7 “Full Rides” are rare, coaches have the option to divide scholarships so many players on the roster will benefit.
NCAA  D-II 313 schools 9 Full or partial scholarships can be awarded.  It is common that many roster or walk on players receive no scholarship support.
NCAA  D-III 441 schools None Athletic scholarships or grants are not available.  Many athletes do qualify for financial aid or academic scholarships.
AIA 214 schools 12 Full or partial scholarships can be awarded.  Many athletes do qualify for academic scholarships or financial aid.
NJCAA  D-I 177 24 Many scholarships are full rides and can cover all expenses.  Some schools offer partial scholarships as an alternative.
NJCAA  D-II 132 24 Scholarship can only cover tuition, fees, and books.  Partial scholarships are also awarded.
NJCAA  D-III 85 None Athletic scholarships are not available.  Some athletes do qualify for academic awards or financial assistance.


Michigan College Connects’ best recommendations and guidelines to manage your college expectations and have a great college softball career!


  1. Get good grades … being an exceptional athlete is only part of what coaches are looking for in their players.
  2. Be of Great Character … coaches don’t want to manage your life, they assume you already know right from wrong.
  3. Don’t expect a full scholarship.
  4. Be willing to play more than one position – coaches will keep the players that are easy to work with, have a great attitude and are flexible.
  5. When you speak with different coaches, ask them what they are looking for in their players and what is most important to them.
  6. If you don’t hear from a college that you have always wanted to play for, consider having an exceptional year at a Junior College and then transfer to a 4 year college after your freshman year.


Michigan College Financial Assistance

Looking for financial assistance information? The Michigan College Funding website has a ton of great information for you to review.


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